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October 22, 2016 in Private Client Newsletter

Better Your 401(k) With an In-service Rollover

A new government regulation now lets you roll over your 401k into an IRA once you turn 59 1/2.   Click Here to Print the Article    Jack and Denise, now 60 and 62, don’t plan to retire from their jobs at PG&E and AT&T respectively, for another 3 -5 years. Yet, we were able…

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October 15, 2016 in Private Client Newsletter

Enough About the Election – Here Are the 5 Critical Issues That Really Matter

Are you sick of hearing about this ridiculous election and how it’s going to affect the stock market? Good, me too. Instead, let’s discuss what really matters to retirement investors and what is going to move stocks, bonds and interest rates. The market is up slightly this year, much less than what most people think.…

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