Month: September 2015

Will The Market Crash In October?

I cannot sugar coat what is currently happening with the market. This is one of the most dangerous markets I have seen in my 31 years in the business. Technically, stocks are breaking down. I believe now is the time to be cautious.

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Here Is What Happens When Rates Rise

The fed sent a bombshell to the markets by, drumroll please, doing nothing! They left rates unchanged, not a huge surprise. Now we get to freak out for the next 2 months wondering if and when the rates will change.

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On This Week’s Radio Show – “Don’t Get Tackled By The Stock Market | September 12th 1pm on NewsRadio KFBK 93.1

Will the start of football season this week help get your mind off of this crazy and dangerous stock market? Not so fast! Just like your team’s play makers try to avoid tackles, so must your portfolio. You need both a good offense and an even better defense. Tune in this week as Keith unveils little known proven strategies from his play book to help you avoid being tackled by today’s market and create your retirement touchdown.

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Keith Springer agrees with DOL to protect investors from deceptive sales practices to sell privately traded REIT’s and Partnerships to investors.

“Investors need to be very wary of investing in non-publicly traded REIT’s. Not only are the fee’s extraordinarily high, often as much as 11%, but the investor has no idea that they are paying that much. What’s worse is that their investments are not liquid. So if you needed the money, you may not be able to get it or you would have to sell it at a steep loss. This would definitely alarm me!”

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Stocks Rise on Tom Brady Beating Deflategate!

The market was in rally mode as investors cheered the news of New England Quarterback, Tom Brady, winning his appeal against the NFL on his participation in deflating footballs. The outcome was celebrated across the globe as global stock markets also rose on Brady’s victory.

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Is The Selling Over?

What a way to wake up today, the stock market futures are down 400 points! That’s a pre-market indication of where the market is heading once it’s open. Over the last few weeks, when the futures showed a steep decline, the market has actually gone down even more, meaning that the selling increased as the morning went on.

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