Month: October 2015

This is The Best Period For Stocks

Wall Street is famous for its adages, cliché’s and metaphors. In my four decades of being in this business, I must say that one of my favorites has always been “Sell in May and walk away”. The phrase comes from the belief that stocks do poorly during this time frame. If you believe in the old adage, “Sell in May and walk away”, then you should be happy as a clam for where we are about to go.

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This is Where Interest Rates are Heading

There is not a bigger question or concern for investors right now than the direction of interest rates. The Federal Reserve has everyone on edge with their constant theme of “We want to raise rates, but just not today”. I have been saying for a long time that rates will not rise anytime soon. Here […]

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Cautiously Optimistic for Stocks

Stocks have been all over the map the last few months, and we are only half way through the dangerous month of October. Watch this brief video to learn what the market is focusing on and which way stocks are headed for the rest of the year.

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The Only Thing Stocks Really Care About

We are all brought up looking at many different economic barometers in order to give us guidance for the future direction of the stock market. However, since the crises some seven years ago, the only thing that has mattered and continues to matter is easy money from the Federal Reserve. The proof is in the […]

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Preparing For An October Crash

     Friday’s dismal jobs report reaffirms my forecast that the economy is indeed slowing. I’ve been seeing the signs and discussing them here and on the radio show for months. Much of the weakness in job growth was from a drop in manufacturing employment which is being affected by a stronger dollar and subsequent weak […]

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