Month: November 2015

Pictures from our client party at The Firehouse Restaurant

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On This Week’s Radio Show – Protect Your Retirement In 4 Easy Steps

Protect Your Retirement in 4 Easy Steps! 11/28 and 11/29 The stock market is only one of the many threats to your investment and retirement accounts. Tune in this week as Keith discusses 4 easy steps many people overlook to protect your nest egg along with proven investment strategies to help you achieve financial security […]

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A Fed Rate Hike Is A Given, Or Is It?

There has recently been a lot of chatter about a Federal Reserve rate hike taking place at their December meeting. However, I am not convinced. The gruesome Paris attacks alone could keep the Fed from acting because the European Union will now need to increase their stimulus program to help their economy, which was already […]

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ON THIS WEEK’S RADIO SHOW – 9 Ways Retirees Crash Their Portfolio PLUS What a Democratic President Could Mean For Your Taxes

9 Ways Retirees Crash Their Portfolio Plus What a Democratic President Could Mean For Your Tax  11/21 and 11/22 Tune in this week as Keith explains the 9 critical but often overlooked ways retirees crash their retirement, as well as tactical year-end investment strategies for your portfolio.  Plus we will also discuss what a Democratic […]

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Are you ready for Stock Market Sudden Death Overtime?

As we stand now, all the major indexes are negative for the year with some down significantly such as the Russell 2000 down almost 3% and emerging markets down over 12%! With only 6 weeks remaining in the year, it’s sudden death overtime for the stock market. Interestingly, the so called “Masters of the Universe” […]

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On This Week’s Radio Show – 7 Year End Tax Saving Tips and Tricks

7 Year-end Tax Saving Tips & Tricks | 11/14 and 11/15 We are all familiar with the old adage, “it’s not what you make it’s what you keep”. The more you make the truer it gets! Tune in this week as Keith unveils 7 must do Year-end Tax Saving Tips & Tricks, to help lower your […]

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Congress Begins Their Attack On Social Security

  -Learn how the new rules will affect your retirement   Congress has started to attack Social Security benefits. In last week’s budget negotiations, they chipped away at two of the popular “creative” claiming strategies: file and suspend and filing a restricted claim for spousal benefits. The house passed this legislation on Tuesday, November 2, […]

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