Month: August 2016

7 Critical Strategies to Protect Your Portfolio

You’ve been good at making money, maybe even saving a shekel or two, socking away a few bucks for retirement, but not so good at actually managing your money. The first step is always a good defense. Tune in this week as Keith discusses the 7 Critical strategies to protect your portfolio!  

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A Few Reasons Why the Coming Weeks Could Be Scary

Now that earnings are behind us, investors have only the headlines to focus on. That means ISIS, Zika and of course the election. With nothing positive to look forward to, investors hide or run scared. The real concern right now is if the Federal Reserve raises rates in their September meeting. In my view, the […]

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What the media does not want you to know about this market!

We are bombarded with information by the media 24/7, some of it is accurate and some of it is way off the mark. Should we let all of this information affect our investment decisions? What is the media not telling us? Tune in this week as Keith reveals what the TV networks aren’t telling you […]

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What a Hillary Victory Will Mean for the Stock Market

When I think about this election, I am at a loss for words….and if you’ve ever seen my TV spots or listened to my radio show, you know that’s no small feat! I’m frustrated, annoyed, angry along with lots of other words I can’t print here about this election and I have a feeling you […]

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5 Critical Habits to Protecting Your Retirement

Good habits need to be set in stone….like how to make sure you never run out of money in retirement and pay the least amount in taxes possible. Tune in this week as Keith examines the “5 Critical Habits to Protecting Your Retirement” that every saver and investor must learn along with specific investment strategies […]

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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement Planning

It’s complicated, this retirement thing. Whether you are already retired or planning for it, there are certain mistakes you simply cannot afford to make. Tune in this week as Keith explains the 7 mistakes you must avoid in retirement planning and unveils specific strategies to achieve your goals with the least risk possible!

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Happy 100th Birthday to our Newest Centennial Client!

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