Month: October 2016

5 Critical Habits to Protecting Your Retirement

Good habits need to be set in stone….like how to make sure you never run out of money in retirement and pay the least amount in taxes possible. Tune in this week as Keith examines the “5 Critical Habits to Protecting Your Retirement” that every saver and investor must learn along with specific investment strategies […]

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No News This Week.

Sorry no newsletter this week guys, I’ve been slaying giants!  

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10 Major Tax Code Changes to Affect your Retirement

Do you want to pay less taxes? It’s not a trick question. Do you want to pay fewer taxes than ever before? Well, that requires you to stay on top of tax law and all the changes that are not only going into effect but are proposed. Tune in this week as Keith explains the […]

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Better Your 401(k) With an In-service Rollover

A new government regulation now lets you roll over your 401k into an IRA once you turn 59 1/2.   Click Here to Print the Article    Jack and Denise, now 60 and 62, don’t plan to retire from their jobs at PG&E and AT&T respectively, for another 3 -5 years. Yet, we were able […]

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Will your Retirement Survive the 401k Catastrophe?

Robert Merton, a Harvard professor and Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, is warning of a coming “401k catastrophe.” If you have a 401k, IRA, or any retirement portfolio…and god I hope you do… you could be looking down the gun barrel of a catastrophe you never saw coming. Tune in this week as we talk […]

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Enough About the Election – Here Are the 5 Critical Issues That Really Matter

Are you sick of hearing about this ridiculous election and how it’s going to affect the stock market? Good, me too. Instead, let’s discuss what really matters to retirement investors and what is going to move stocks, bonds and interest rates. The market is up slightly this year, much less than what most people think. […]

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What’s the Best Medicine for your Retirement

Is your retirement plan healthy enough to sustain you in retirement…not just subsisting, but living it up and doing all the things you always wanted to do when you want to do them? Tune in this week as we diagnose your retirement master plan AND your portfolio so it survives and thrives no matter what […]

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Is Marijuana the Remedy for your Portfolio?

………..ummm, what was I talking about again? Just kidding. With the election a month away, I’ve said enough about the impact of who wins the Whitehouse. Let’s not forget there are a number of ballot measures that will affect our lives. Legalizing marijuana is among them this year, and from what I hear, it will […]

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Science of Building a Portfolio

Ever wonder why the Warren Buffett’s of the world, the billion hedge funds, and the big money managers always seem to do well even when the market doesn’t? Because there is a formula to building the proper portfolio that can get the best returns but with the least risk possible and make money in any […]

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Are We In A Bubble?

Are We in a Bubble? This is a question that is firmly lodged in every investors amygdala. Like my use of big words? Yes, I admit I had to look it up. The amygdala is largely believed to be the part of the brain that controls fear. We all love the stock market’s returns since […]

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