Month: January 2017

How to Invest in the New World Order of Trump!

With the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, and the retaining of the House of Representatives and the Senate by the Republican Party, we are looking at nothing less than a new world order….and you need a new strategy. Tune in this week as Keith discusses the impact of a Trump […]

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We Have a New President – How Do I Invest Now?

  Let’s face it, it’s a whole new world under President Trump and we need to know how to invest under a new world order of President Trump. Since the election, domestic stocks have been on a tear. Unfortunately, it has not been such a good experience for the other asset classes such as gold, […]

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7 Retirement Must-Do’s

In every success, there is a recipe with common ingredients and retirement is no different. Tune in this week as Keith explains the “7 Retirement Planning Must Do’s” every investor must engage to reach their goals and dreams in those golden years!

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Buy the Election – Sell the Inauguration?

This has been the mantra lately from many in the media. What it refers to is an old stock market idiom of “Buy the rumor, sell the news”. This is most commonly associated with, for instance, buying a stock based on the rumor of it’s inevitable takeover. In turn, one should then sell it when […]

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The 10 Most-Overlooked Tax Breaks for Retirees

Retirees get more than just cheap movie tickets and early bird dinner specials…if they know where to look! Tune in this week as Keith unveils the 10 most overlooked tax breaks for retirees along with specific investment tips for your hard earned dollars.

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Your Printable Version of the 2017 Key Financial Data

It’s a new year and with it comes new tax rates, deductions and exemptions. Click below for your own printable version of our 2017 Key Financial Data.

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Springer Turkey Challenge 2016

Springer Turkey Challenge Feeds 15,000 People I am pleased to report that the Springer Turkey Challenge helped to feed over 15,000 people last year. What a thrill! We were able to collect $2,261 from contributions, up slightly from 2015. With my personal match contribution of $2,261, the total raised was $4,522 to help feed those […]

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