Aurora Borealis

12I recently had the chance to take a bucket list trip. I went to the Bettles Lodge in Bettles, Alaska which is located 35 miles inside of the Arctic Circle. I was crazy enough to go during the winter because I’ve had a longtime dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis, a.k.a. the Northern Lights. They were spectacular! I went up specifically during the new moon and was fortunate enough to experience great weather, a “heat wave”. It was above zero the entire trip. Today, the high is -8 and the low is -35! I caught what the locals said was an epic show. Not only did I see the typical green, but also red, blue and purple dancing lines. Truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, I relied on my iPhone 7 as my camera (not a wise move on my part), so I only got 2 decent pics as you can see.

Cheers –Keith


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