Fox Business: 5 Critical Steps to Lessen Your Risk and Your Stress

The rules of retirement have changed. What we were told to do 30, 20, even 10 years ago now seems like a pipe dream. “Be loyal to a company and you’ll get a life-long pension. Save a little money in a 401k and buy a house. When it’s time to retire, your investmentsand your home will have grown many times over so you’ll have plenty of money,” we were told ….


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Written By: Keith Springer

Are You Ready For The Capitulation?

Be ready both financially and emotionally! What is Capitulation you might ask? Capitulation is essentially the panic selling that occurs at the bottom of a correction or bear market. It usually comes on a big down day with high trading volume. The term is derived from a military term which refers to surrender. The belief […]

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Springer Turkey Challenge – Special Fire Edition

Thank you to everyone who donated at our client appreciation event last week to our Special Fire Edition of the Springer Turkey Challenge. In just the few short hours during our party at the Diplomat we raised $950.00. With my match, the total raised was $1900.00. All proceeds will go to the California Fire Foundation, […]

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