Month: June 2017

The “Real” Story Behind the 4th of July

The infamous 4th of July or Independence Day, is perhaps the proudest day of the year for Americans. The 4th, as we like to refer to it, has been recognized as a federal holiday in the United States since 1938. The tradition of Independence Day celebrations dates back to the 18th century commemorating the birth […]

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11-point Checklist to Stay Retired in Style

Have you ever wondered how to plan accordingly to ensure comfort while retired? To do this, you need an advanced education and some basic planning. Tune in this week as Keith outline’s an 11-point checklist that will tell you whether you are on track to retire in the style and comfort you have always hoped […]

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Where is The Stock Market Heading This Summer?

This is usually the time that the summer doldrums kick in and punish investors. Are we in for the same old thing this year One of my favorite market indicators is “Sell in May and walk away”; meaning you should sell in May and sit out until November. It does work a lot of time, […]

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How to Spend your Money in Retirement Without Dying Broke

Retirement is a time for not having to look at a clock (accept maybe for Tee times and the grandkid’s school recitals). You shouldn’t have to watch the clock in retirement, especially for your money. There is a definite strategy to spending your money in retirement so you have all that you need but don’t […]

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America’s Golden Years Are Just Around the Corner

You read that correctly, get ready for the new Roaring Twenties! That’s not just some pie in the sky prediction from one of those ridiculous newsletters that go on forever, never telling you anything unless you pay a small fortune to subscribe. I’m simply applying economic and demographic trends and the implication for your retirement […]

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The 5 Secret Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investors

According to AARP, 72% of people aged 50-64 believe they will have to delay retirement and half think they will never be able to retire! Are you one of these statistics? Well, tune in this week and you won’t be as Keith outlines The 5 Secret Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investors along with specific […]

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7 Financial Planning for Retirement Must Do’s

Successful investing, especially for retirement, requires a certain recipe in order for you to reach your goals and dreams if you want to guarantee that you live in comfort and style during your golden years. Tune in this week at Keith unveils the 7 Financial Planning for Retirement Must Do’s every investor must discipline themselves […]

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The 3 Styles of Money Management – Which is right for you?

The financial planning process can be confusing and difficult, especially when you are retired or getting close. Your days as a gunslinger investor are over, or at least they should be. At this point you need the proper investment platform that matches the retirement master plan you have created for you and your family. Too […]

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