Are We Finally Seeing a Global Recovery

maxresdefaultFriday’s U.S. jobs report was a good one. In June alone, 220,000 jobs were created which was way past expectations! Clearly there is evidence that we are rebounding strongly, but what about the rest of the world?

There’s a whole new discussion happening on Wall Street today: Talk that a “global synchronous recovery” is occurring as we speak.

For the first time in 8 years, all the major world markets are set to report strong earnings growth in 2017. This is the first simultaneous upturn since 2010.

It’s not just earnings growth for the major markets that has pundits buzzing. In a recent report, Citi estimates that global GDP growth will be 3.1% this year and 3.3% next year. That is a huge increase over the last few years.

The developed world equity markets have done well this year, with Europe up 5.9% and Japan 5.1%. Meanwhile, the volatile emerging markets have done even better raking in at 17% this year.

Investment Strategy

Try not to get caught up in media hype or political favoritism. It’s all whitewash. What matters is corporate earnings and they keep rising. For those investing for retirement, start by building your master plan to make money in any market so you get the best returns with the least risk possible. Or as I like to say, “Invest for need, not for greed”.

Make sure your portfolio is tactically managed. Never buy-and-hold, AKA buy-and-hope. Be the expert or hire one and work with a Retirement Advisor that understands what it takes to be successful and tax strategy wise.

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