Can North Korea Blow Up the Market?

Can North Korea really destroy our country and the financial markets that go with it?

There is no question that North Korea as a nuclear power is unnerving to say the least. However, there is little they can do. They have a bomb, so what? What would be their motivation to use it? That would not only destroy their leverage but what’s also left of their country.

The reality is that it is just rhetoric and a dream come true for a leader who desperately needs a distraction. Expect him to continue to kick and scream to keep this in the headlines.

North Korea is barely a fly that can be swatted in the blink of an eye. The chances of nuclear war are nil, none, zilch. They just want world recognition, which they will now get. This situation is no different than when India and Pakistan entered the world stage as a nuclear power.

The real problem with the market is that we are in the “post-earning’s nap period”, which I explained in my July 28th commentary, Are We At That Crossroads That Will Take the Market Down? There is simply a lack of quality corporate news to keep investors focused on what truly moves markets….earnings.

As long as you have a proper master plan in place and are investing “Tactically”, (never buy-and-hold or buy-and hope!) your advisor can and will react very quickly should something happen. Try to ignore the noise that doesn’t matter. The next earnings season doesn’t start until the beginning of October, so it could be a long couple of months.  

Most importantly, build and stick to your master plan to make money in any market so you get the best returns with the least risk possible; as I like to say, “Invest for need, not for greed”. Work with a true retirement advisor that understands what it takes to be successful and tax strategy wise.

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Cheers -Keith


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