Market Brief – It’s Nap Time

Market Brief – It’s Nap Time

Up until now, the market has gotten what it wished for, and rejoiced; that being the promise of lower interest rates. Next on the firing line will be earnings, which will start to get released in early July.

The future of the market is quite simple. If earnings beat expectations, stocks will rise. All hell alongside disappointment will break loose.

Until then, we are stuck in the Pre-Earnings Nap period. This is the few weeks before earnings are announced where companies are in their “blackout period” and are not allowed to discuss their stock. With a lack of positive financial news, investors are forced to focus on headline news. You tell me what positives can come from that?

So for the next few weeks, be prepared for a very choppy, downward drifting stock market. We will probably start to get a few earnings warnings along with pundits sounding the alarm that earnings are going to be sub-par.

Therefore, I would not be surprised by a little correction here. Not enough to trade, nor should investors try, but sufficient to raise investors worry and concern…which is a good thing.

Once earnings season starts, I expect more positive surprises with the uptrend to continue.

Although I focus on the market in this article, do not for a second believe that just throwing your money at the market will yield success. If you don’t tell your money what to do, it will do the wrong thing or nothing at all.

Create a Retirement Master Plan for you and your family, and stick to it. Within the plan, make sure your portfolio is stress tested against the multitude of possible scenarios: Bull markets, bear markets, corrections, crashes, oil shocks etc., just to name just a few. These are the things we help our clients with every day.

If you need my help or if you would simply like a free second opinion on your plan and portfolio, simply give me a call.

“Invest for need, not for greed!”™

Cheers -Keith


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Written By: Keith Springer

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