What happened to the Headlines?

What happened to the Headlines?

This week marks the beginning of earnings season. That is when the large majority of publicly traded companies report their earnings for the 3rd quarter.

How critical are earnings? Well, they are about the most important thing possible. From these financial disclosures, we get a true gauge of the economy and corporate profitability. If earnings rise, stock prices generally go hand and hand.

What I love is that all the news that many investors obsess about in between earnings is noticeably absent. Just a few weeks ago some thought the stock market would get crushed because of…who knows what: The trade war with China, the Fed not lowering rates, ISIS, Brexit and a host of other issues.

All of a sudden all those negative scary things aren’t even talked about and they no longer frighten us. It’s all about earnings, which is the way it should be.

If the beginning of earnings season is any indication of things to come, this could very well be a bang-up quarter, with a large percentage of companies surprising to the upside. Much as I have expected and have not been shy writing about. That should bring new highs to the market, leaving all the terrifying (at the time) corrections a faded memory.

The next couple of weeks will tell the tale but with strong earnings announcements coupled with the seasonally strong 4th quarter, patient investors should be well rewarded.

Of course, retirement investors must always be cautious, even when optimistic. After all, you cannot replace this money at this point in your life. It is ever more critical to get the very best returns but with the least risk possible. These are the things we help our clients with every day.

If you would like a free 2nd opinion on your portfolio and or help with your overall Retirement Master Plan, just let me know and we will set up a free no-obligation consultation for you.


“Invest for need, not for greed!™”

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Written By: Keith Springer

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