About The Firm

Once you retire your goals and needs change drastically. You need a retirement advisor that understands how to help you by providing solutions to your unique challenges:

  • Create a retirement income stream that you and your spouse cannot outlive!
  • Pay fewer taxes in retirement!
  • Optimize Social Security so you receive every nickel you are entitled to!
  • Protect your savings from skyrocketing healthcare costs, inflation and higher taxes!
  • Build a portfolio, based on your needs, so you can get the best returns, with the least risk possible.

With over 31 years of providing professional advice, Keith Springer has the experience and expertise to help you retire with confidence.

Our holistic personal approach is distinctive in the industry. We identify not just your financial goals but your life’s goals. How will you pay for your children’s college or assist your aging parents? What kind of legacy do you wish to leave? How much money do you need to live comfortably for the rest of your life while taking the least amount of risk possible? Your answers guide us as we take the helm of your wealth management strategies. As your needs or the market changes, our ongoing management process ensures your assets evolve as well. Planning for an entire lifetime is a complex and dynamic process. A smart plan considers many variables including inflation, mortgage protection, sky-rocketing health care costs, longevity, long-term care, ever-changing rules on Medicare, economic trends and shifting population demographics. Our comprehensive and integrated approach helps you fully understand the issues and make informed decisions. We present the options, you make the choices. Springer Financial Advisors is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor—which means we do not charge commissions for transactions or loads on mutual funds. We never receive any incentives to use an investment in our client portfolios. This puts us on the same team with you, eliminating the pressure to buy and sell, and freeing us of the conflict of interest that often exists with traditional brokerage relationships.