Author: Keith Springer

Investment Strategy Secrets of the Super Wealthy

There is a big difference between being a millionaire and a billionaire. It’s not just the way they think, but the way they invest their money. Tune in this week as Keith unveils the investment strategy secrets of the super wealthy!

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6 Things You Don’t know About Retirement, But Need To!

Some things are common sense when it comes to retirement planning, while others need to better understood. Tune in this week as Keith explains the 6 things you don’t know about retirement, but need to in order to retire in comfort and style.

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The 5 Critical Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing

Do you want to pay fewer taxes than ever before? It all comes down to a forward-looking tax strategy which could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional lifetime income! Tune in this week as Keith unveils “The 5 Critical Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing”. After all, it’s not what you make…it’s what […]

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How Tax Reform Will Significantly Affect Your Investments and Your Taxes

Congress is all about tax reform now and no matter how you slice it, it’s going to significantly affect your portfolio and your taxes. Retirement plan contribution tax breaks, Social Security, Medicare, pensions…they’re all on the table and the chopping block! Tune in this week as Keith digs deep in to what tax reform means […]

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7 Critical Financial Moves to Make By Yearend

Is your portfolio ready for 2018? Do you have a forward looking tax strategy and is it ready? Tune in this week as Keith unveils the 7 Critical Financial Moves you need to make by the end of the year!

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The 6 Most Critical Investment Strategies for Retirement

Investing is not just about throwing some money at the stock market and hoping it goes up. Remember, hope is not an investment strategy. Tax implications are drastically different and they all require a comprehensive tax strategy if you want to succeed. Tune in this week as Keith outlines the 6 most critical investment strategies […]

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Why Your Investment Portfolio is Not Your Fantasy Team

“Are you ready for some football?” How about fantasy football, America’s fastest growing sport? Keep in mind, your investment portfolio is not your fantasy team and this week we learn some lessons to help you build your retirement game plan!

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How to Spend your Money in Retirement Without Dying Broke

Retirement is a time for not having to look at a clock (accept maybe for Tee times and the grandkid’s school recitals). You shouldn’t have to watch the clock in retirement, especially for your money. There is a definite strategy to spending your money in retirement so you have all that you need but don’t […]

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How to Spot a Bear Market Before It Hits!

By the time most investors finally realize that a bear market has begun, it’s far too late; Most of the damage has been done. Bear markets always begin while a bull market is still intact. Tune in this week as Keith unveils how to spot a bear market – before it’s too late!

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The 5 Secret Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investors

According to AARP, 72% of people aged 50-64 believe they will have to delay retirement and half think they will never be able to retire! Are you one of these statistics? Well, tune in this week and you won’t be as Keith outlines the 5 Secret Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Investors along with specific […]

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