Author: Keith Springer

The 5 Biggest Financial Threats to Your Retirement

If you ask most retirees what the 5 biggest financial threats to their retirement are, they would tell you. The problem is that your five are different from the next guys. In reality, there are 5 major threats that we all face, and if you fail to prepare for any of these common threats, your […]

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Is a Recession and Bear Market Looming

  As I discussed last week, a major concern for the market and the overall economy is the level of interest rates. Typically, in a normal economy, interest rates on shorter term bonds are lower than rates on longer bonds. That is called a normal yield curve. This makes sense because bond investors expect to […]

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What Are the Investing Secrets of Ultra-Rich?

There is certainly a difference between the way the super wealthy think and do things compared to the average investor. It’s not just their mindset, but how they follow through on things that is a game changer. Tune in this week as Keith unveils the secrets of the ultra-rich and how you can start acting […]

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Earnings Make Everything Taste Good

My, how we have short memories! It was just a few weeks ago the stock market was mired amidst the “pre-earnings nap” period. If you recall from my posts, this occurs every quarter starting the last two weeks of the quarter and continues until earnings are released 2 weeks in to the new quarter, Mid-April, […]

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5 Tax Troubles That Only Affect Retirees

It’s tax time…and one of the biggest risks that retirees and pre-retirees face is that of taxes; not just paying them but not having forward-looking tax-strategy in retirement. Tune in this week as Keith discusses the 5 Tax Troubles That Only Affect Retirees along with a blueprint to help you build a forward-looking retirement tax-strategy […]

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Springer Spring Fling 2018 Client Appreciation Party

The Honeysuckle Possums are a high energy, all-woman band playing bluegrass, originals, and old time mountain music. The Possums’ collective joy on stage is delightful and their energy is positively contagious!! The various festivals they have played include: Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention & Festival Parkfield Bluegrass Festival Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival Father’s Day Festival, […]

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7 Ways Your Retirement Plan Could Go Dangerously Off Track

Keeping your retirement plan on track is a slippery slope. So many things can go wrong that can permanently derail your best laid plans. Tune in this week as Keith outlines how to avoid the 7 Ways Your Retirement Plan Could Go Dangerously Off Track, along with specific strategies to help you win the retirement game!

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The Overlooked Reason for the Current Market Volatility

After a relatively sanguine 18 months of bliss for investors, stock market volatility is back with a vengeance. There are several things concerning the market right now; rising interest rates, the possibility of a recession on the horizon, and most notably the new trade war with China. However, there is one obvious culprit that gets […]

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The 5 Scientific Metrics to Building a Successful Portfolio

Have you ever wondered why guys like Warren Buffett always seem to do well even when the market stinks? It’s because they use a formula to build the proper portfolio that can get the best returns with the least risk possible and make money in any market. Tune in this week as Keith unveils the […]

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What the Bond Market is Saying

We all know that interest rates are in an uptrend as the Federal Reserve has and will continue to consistently raise rates. That, of course, is the death knell for bonds. However, something recently happened on the way to the forum. US Treasury bonds have hardly moved in over a month, despite yet another 25 […]

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