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What’s Up with the Stock Market?

What the heck man, where are the gains? So we’ve had our big 13% correction this year. Earnings have been great, growing by almost 25% over the same period last year and the economy is pumping…..why is the stock market barely noticing? Retirement investors are clamoring for the answer. Stocks generally move in the direction […]

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Is a Recession and Bear Market Looming

  As I discussed last week, a major concern for the market and the overall economy is the level of interest rates. Typically, in a normal economy, interest rates on shorter term bonds are lower than rates on longer bonds. That is called a normal yield curve. This makes sense because bond investors expect to […]

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Earnings Make Everything Taste Good

My, how we have short memories! It was just a few weeks ago the stock market was mired amidst the “pre-earnings nap” period. If you recall from my posts, this occurs every quarter starting the last two weeks of the quarter and continues until earnings are released 2 weeks in to the new quarter, Mid-April, […]

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Springer Spring Fling 2018 Client Appreciation Party

The Honeysuckle Possums are a high energy, all-woman band playing bluegrass, originals, and old time mountain music. The Possums’ collective joy on stage is delightful and their energy is positively contagious!! The various festivals they have played include: Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention & Festival Parkfield Bluegrass Festival Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival Father’s Day Festival, […]

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The Overlooked Reason for the Current Market Volatility

After a relatively sanguine 18 months of bliss for investors, stock market volatility is back with a vengeance. There are several things concerning the market right now; rising interest rates, the possibility of a recession on the horizon, and most notably the new trade war with China. However, there is one obvious culprit that gets […]

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What the Bond Market is Saying

We all know that interest rates are in an uptrend as the Federal Reserve has and will continue to consistently raise rates. That, of course, is the death knell for bonds. However, something recently happened on the way to the forum. US Treasury bonds have hardly moved in over a month, despite yet another 25 […]

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What’s Causing these Stock Market Swings?

Everyone is asking me what the heck is going on with this market. Far and away, most believe that the Federal Reserve raising interest rates is the primary cause, but that’s not the case. The reality is, most stocks have that factored in and the main culprit is Trump’s trade war. The administration levied $60 […]

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The Storm Before the Calm

The stock market has been pretty boring lately…which is a very welcome change after the pain and devastation of the recent correction and immense increase in volatility. After a meteoric rise last year, we hit a wall in February. We had the best January in over 20 years. Then we got the 5th worst February in […]

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Keith Springer published in Forbes

Article: Stand On These Three Legs For Financial Success Don’t let anybody fool you; retirement investing today is like rocket science. The days of picking your favorite company to invest in are long gone. In this market, success comes by optimizing your portfolio, so you receive all that you are entitled to and get […]

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How to Survive This Dangerous Market

The effects of technology on the stock market How to use Science to improve your portfolio Investor Strategy  You just have to love technology. The stock market had its most violent week in the history of stock markets, with the Dow punishing us with not one, but two 1,000+ point pummeling’s along with two 1,000 […]

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