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Check out our photos from our Wine Event

Our 7th annual client appreciation party at the Firehouse restaurant was a huge success! We had a great turnout and we got some great pictures. Check them out! [slideshow_deploy id=’9977′]

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What does Tax Reform Mean to the Stock Market?

People are scared. Many investors believe stocks have been rising because a new tax reform package will pass, and if it doesn’t, stocks will get crushed. With the stock market at new highs and the last crash fresh in their minds, many are convinced that a crash is inevitable.  I agree that this market is […]

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Keith's Mom Visits

My mother visited me last week and I wanted to share a couple of pictures. I love the one of her behind the mic in my radio studio.  

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Keith live on ABC's Sac&Co

See Keith’s live segment on ABC’s Sac & Co where he discusses the importance of having a “forward looking tax strategy” as part of your Retirement Master Plan and how to put your plan in place so you never run out of money in retirement!  

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Happy Birthday Marie

Marie walker. Happy belated 94th birthday to Marie Walker, our client for over 20 years.

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What Happens to Bonds When Interest Rates Rise?

My article last week “Look Out Below…For Bonds!” raised a lot of eyebrows and prompted a number of questions regarding what happens to bonds when rates do rise. The bottom line is that rising rates are bad for bond holders. For example, let’s assume you have just purchased a 5% bond maturing in 5 years, […]

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Look Out Below…For Bonds!

Bond Investors Beware We have been waiting since Trump took office for bonds to fall, and it looks like the prophecy is finally coming true. Majority of investors, especially retirement investors, are over-invested in bonds because they think they are safe. However, this may prove to be very wrong. The main theme is an old […]

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What Will Tax Reform Mean to you?

Congress is all about tax reform. Everyone seems very excited about it, but what does it really mean to you, your portfolio and of course your taxes? Having a forward-looking tax strategy is more critical than ever, especially if you are retired or planning for it. No matter how you slice it, tax-reform it is […]

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Crawdads 2017

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7 Critical Financial Moves to Make by Year-end

In one short week, we begin the 4th quarter of 2017. WOW, where does time go? That means it’s crunch time. Have you updated your financial plan for 2018? Have you updated your tax strategy for next year and beyond? Do you even have a forward-looking tax strategy, or are you one of those people that […]

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