Keith’s Published Articles

Graduate to a Qualified Retirement Advisor
November 2015

Your goals, needs, and desires change drastically once you retire. The nest egg that took you a lifetime to create must now last the rest of your life. It is extremely unwise to leave such an important matter such as retirement to chance. The key to enjoying your golden years is establishing exactly how to get the very best returns, based on your needs. …

5 Critical Steps to Lessen Your Risk and Your Stress
July 19, 2013

The rules of retirement have changed. What we were told to do 30, 20, even 10 years ago now seems like a pipe dream. “Be loyal to a company and you’ll get a life-long pension. Save a little money in a 401k and buy a house. When it’s time to retire, your investments and your home will have grown many times over so you’ll have plenty of money,” we were told …

The Best of Both Worlds: Upside Potential; Downside Protection
January 13, 2015

Everyone loves bull markets, but when the indices head south, no one likes losing money. You might be fine with all the ups and downs when you’re decades away from retirement. However, as you approach that retirement red zone or once you start walking down that pathway of your golden years, losses will not….

Essential Retirement Checklist
June 17, 2015

Your goals, needs and desires change drastically once you retire. The path to retirement is full of landmines, and when your career ends, the paycheck that gave you extra funds on top of your investments disappears. The nest egg that took you a lifetime to save must now pay for everything for the rest of your life. ….


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