This Saturday and Sunday Hour One: “Risky Business: The 8 Biggest Risks You Face in Retirement!" Hour Two: “6 Things You Don't Know About Retirement, But Need To!”

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10 Retirement Rules that Definitely Do Not Apply Anymore

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New – 8 steps to jump start your year-end financial planning and tax-strategies!

The 4th quarter is almost upon us. That means it’s the critical time to plan for year-end and 2019. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail! Tune in this week as Keith unveils specific strategies to help you create financial security and set yourself up for maximum tax-efficiency so you keep more of you hard earned dollars.

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How to prepare for the next flash crash and social unrest not seen in 50 years?

JP Morgan’s top quantitative analyst is warning that the next crisis we see will have flash crashes, sudden, severe stock drops, and social unrest not seen in 50 years. Are you prepared? Tune in this week as Keith discuss the forces which are setting us up for catastrophe and he unveils specific strategies to prepare and protect your family in the dangerous markets ahead.

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The Top 10 Secrets Retirees Don’t Tell You

Many things that you have never thought about before now become critical during retirement. Not only for your comfort, but your survival as well. Tune in this week as Keith unveils the top 10 secrets that you will need to know in order to retire comfortably and stress free!

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How to never Run out of Money in Retirement

Do you have a plan to help your money last as long as you do? Even if you have a pension, there are still choices to be made: lump sum, monthly annuity payout, or a combination of the two. Tune in this week as Keith explains the specific strategies to help you get the most out of your retirement benefits so you never run out of money in retirement!

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How To Spend Your Money in Retirement Without Dying Broke

Retirement is a time for not having to look at a clock (accept maybe for Tee times and the grand kid’s school recitals). You shouldn’t have to watch the clock in retirement, especially for your money. There is a definite strategy to spending your money in retirement so you have all that you need but don’t die broke. Tune in this week as Keith unveils the strategy to living the good life in retirement.

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