The Benefits of Working with a Retirement Advisor

Once you retire, your goals, needs and desires change drastically. The path to retirement is full of landmines. Your nest egg that took you a lifetime to save must now pay for everything for the rest of your life. Clearly this is not the time to leave important matters such as this to chance because there is little room for error. You simply cannot replace this money! If you are only considering investments when planning your retirement, or that’s all your advisor is talking about, then you are missing the boat! True investment and retirement planning is a whole lot more than just investing your money.

There are 3 critical legs to the investment retirement stool:

One: Planning is the most critical leg. However, this leg is often overlooked by investors and advisors alike because it is the most difficult, misunderstood and the least fun. Creating your personal retirement master plan requires working with a retirement expert who can help you create a successful plan that will survive the test of time which incorporates:

  • Creating an income stream in retirement that you and your spouse can never outlive through a retirement income analysis.
  •  Taking advantage of often over-looked retirement tax strategies.
  •  Optimizing Social Security so you get every nickel that you are entitled to!
  •  Employ a marginal tax distribution strategy so your assets are in the proper place when you need to start taking distributions!
  • Create a sequence of distribution plan so when you do start taking money you are in the lowest tax bracket possible and stay that way for life!
  • Estate and legacy planning so Uncle Sam doesn’t steal all of your money when you die!

Two: The Investment Management Platform is the 2nd leg. This is how your money is invested. At this point in life you are past your accumulation years and now in your preservation and distribution phase of life. Make sure your money is invested to get the best returns, based on what you need, but with the least risk possible. What I like to call, “Invest for need, not for greed™”.

Three: Asset preservation, the third and last leg, is a critical component because at this point in your life you cannot afford to lose money because you cannot make it back! You need a strategy that protects you from devastating losses the next time when, not if, the market crashes.


Work with a retirement advisor to help create your customized retirement master plan.

Retirement advisor is not used as an official designation.