What Does The Election Mean to Retirement Investors?

Americans go to the polls next Tuesday, or by mail which I have done, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The future of taxes, immigration, abortion, gun control and health care could be markedly changed with vehement, almost rabid support for all of these on both sides. Here’s what I think about each one of […]

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Why the October Pain may soon be over

October started off in true October fashion…with a right hook to the jaw followed by a left cross right in the gut. From the market high’s reached on October 3rd, the S&P 500 took a beating, dropping almost 8% while the Russell 2000 fell almost 10%. Even though experienced investors knew that it was just […]

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Critical Market Update!

What a trying week. Funny how when things are going well we all feel like even ‘slightly bad’ will never happen again, at least not to me. And that’s all we had this week. A minor pullback in an ongoing bull market. Nothing to get too alarmed about, as long as you have done the […]

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Critical Market Update For Clients

Look who’s back….Volatility! After a very calm Q3, the stock market has had a few terrible days causing inexperienced investors to panic. Of course 800 point down days make us all take notice, but that is the correction of today’s Information Age.  Instead of taking 6-9 months to drop, sell-off’s are quick and violent. As […]

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Why Are Most Stocks Not Doing Well?

There is a real misconception right now among investors. Many see the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) and the S&P 500 (SPX) near all-time highs, yet their accounts don’t seem to be doing as well, and they are wondering why. Perhaps this sounds familiar? This is a phenomenon known as “divergence”, and it is not […]

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What You Can Learn From Warren Buffet, Harvard, Stanford and Yale’s Investments

Ever wondered why Warren Buffett, the large university endowments of the world like Stanford, Harvard and Yale, the billion hedge funds, and the big money managers always seem to do well even when the market doesn’t? I certainly used to. I would think to myself, “hey that’s fair, they must be using insider information or […]

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What is the State of the Economy and the markets

Can there really be “too much of a good thing”? Can something be “too good to be true”? We all seem to be trained that “When life looks like easy street, there’s danger at your door”. This is especially true when it comes to our money. One thing we do know is that recessions lead […]

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Are you prepared for the next flash crash and social unrest not seen in 50 years?

We all know the market has been pretty good for quite a while. What we don’t know is when the party is going to end. Will there be a wakeup call? We may have just received one. In a brand new report from JP Morgan’s top quantitative analyst, Marko Kolanovic, he warns that “the next […]

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The REAL History Behind Labor Day

For most of us, Labor Day is a long weekend towards the end of summer. However, it’s origin might surprise you. It began during the deep recession of early 1890’s when George Pullman, the railway tycoon was forced to lay off workers and reduce wages. The workers retaliated by going on strike causing commerce in […]

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The Pension Question – Lump Sum or Annuity?

You’ve worked your whole life and retirement is in sight. You’re one of the lucky ones, you have a pension option. Maybe you work for the state or one of the many private companies in town such as PG&E or AT&T. It’s time to kick back and enjoy your hard earned savings. Now you have […]

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