Are You A Little Too Happy?

Are You A Little Too Happy? I’m not trying to be a buzz-kill here, but there is such a thing as too much optimism, at least when it comes to investing. As the saying goes, when everyone is bearish, the stock market likes to climb a wall of worry. Rising because there is ample ammunition […]

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What To Expect From Stocks For The Rest of the Year

What To Expect From Stocks For The Rest of the Year According to Tony Dwyer of Canaccord Genuity, which tracked market returns back to the 1950s, when the S&P 500 is up this significantly through October, the average return through the rest of the year is more than 6%. This has happened seven times in […]

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Will the 4th Quarter Live Up to its Expectations?

Will the 4th Quarter Live Up to its Expectations? The 4th quarter comes with very high expectations. Rightfully so as it is usually the best period of the year for the stock market in general. And according to Forbes, returning an average of approximately 5%. According to Wall Street’s chart analysts, the recent new highs […]

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What happened to the Headlines?

What happened to the Headlines? This week marks the beginning of earnings season. That is when the large majority of publicly traded companies report their earnings for the 3rd quarter. How critical are earnings? Well, they are about the most important thing possible. From these financial disclosures, we get a true gauge of the economy […]

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Welcome to October!

Welcome to October Stock market volatility is way up, stocks are swinging wildly, and headline news are pessimistic.  Welcome to October. It feels like we go through this every year. Crazy markets in September, and October, and then a strong 4th quarter. Of course, last year was the exception with a terrible stock market performance, […]

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What’s Going to Make Stocks Go Higher?

What’s Going to Make Stocks Go Higher?  The stock market is doing what it does best…ignoring what appears to be reason and rationality, and climbing that wall of worry.   This is certainly not unusual. The reasoning is that when the market is too high, it is ripe for a decline because investors feel good about […]

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Is Now a Good Time To Buy Stocks?

Is Now a Good Time To Buy Stocks? The only way to buy low and sell high is when things are low. Then why is this so difficult? Because market psychology goes completely against the grain. When stock prices are low, they are low for a reason, such as an international event like a trade […]

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The Real History Behind Labor Day

For most of us, Labor Day is a long weekend towards the end of summer. However, it’s origin might surprise you. It began during the deep recession of early 1890’s when George Pullman, the railway tycoon was forced to lay off workers and reduce wages. The workers retaliated by going on strike causing commerce in […]

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What is the Recession Risk?

What is the Recession Risk? The new words on everybody’s lips as of late are “recession” coincided with “run for the hills”. Who can blame them.? The media reported the inversion of the yield curve last week like it was an asteroid the size of Texas just seconds away from impact. (It was an asteroid […]

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My son Josh and I spent the weekend hiking in the mountains, check out our pictures!

This past weekend, Josh and I got away for a quick trip to the Mammoth area to do some camping, and hiking. We always try to do this around the Perseid Meteor showers that happen each year in August.  This weekend marks our 20th year of doing this, and it was amazing! As you can […]

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