Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From?

We are all aware that Easter is the Christian celebration centered around of the resurrection of Jesus. However, discussion of chocolate eggs, especially those delicious Cadbury eggs and the cagey bunny who delivers them, is remarkably absent in the scriptures. The first symbol of a mysterious rabbit (before the chocolate) originates with the festival of […]

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Will The Global Slowdown Hurt US Stocks?

We are getting more and more evidence that there is an economic slowdown happening around the globe. It hasn’t reach the shores of America, but the fear is that it might. Now we are seeing the real cause of the December mini-crash. Stocks always drop well in advance of an actual event, approximately 6-9 months, […]

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Time For a Dip

Things have been pretty good for investors so far this year. Granted, the market came off of a terrible 2018 and an absolute pummeling in December. We’ve gotten to the point where people are just a little too positive and it’s likely time for a dip.  The AAII, American Association of Individual Investors weekly investors […]

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Is It Time For a Stock Market Correction?

Is It Time For a Stock Market Correction? The market looks tired. It should come as no surprise after the nice start to the year we’ve had. Even if we are just getting back to what we gave away last year. It should come as no surprise that stocks need to rest from time to time. […]

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The Effect of Politics on Stocks

It is natural to think that one of the biggest influences of the direction of stocks is what’s going on in the headlines of Washington. That fact is certainly exacerbated by a very verbose and controversial leader or leaders. You get where I’m going here? How much influence does President Trump have on the financial […]

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Caring for Aging Parents and Your Finances

One of the biggest retirement planning questions we all face has no definitive answer but still must be dealt with… It’s the aging process. A secure retirement master plan requires an expectation of not only how long we expect to live, but how are our aging parents going to impact our finances and lifestyle? People […]

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The new Retirement Plan Limits for 2019

The IRS is allowing cost of living adjustments for 401k’s, pension plans and other retirement-related items for this tax year, 2019. The primary update that will affect most people is that the limit for 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans, and TSP has been increased from $18,500 to $19,000. The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged […]

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Why the Mini-Crash Was a Good Thing

Good bye and good riddance December! What is usually one of the best months of the year, turned into a Christmas nightmare. 2018 was the worst year for stocks in a decade and December was the worst December since 1931. The S&P 500 fared the best, dropping only 20% from the highs. Other broader market […]

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This Rule Says 2019 Will be Good

Investing in the stock market comes with a lot of adages, esoteric rules, and trends. One that I believe in is called the “first 5 days rule”. History implies that when stocks go higher in the first five trading days of the year, so goes the market for the rest of the year. In 44 […]

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Maybe Things Aren’t So Bad

The stock market does one thing very well: exaggerate. No matter what the news, it always seems to overshoot – to both the upside or the downside. Last month was par for the course. We got news that wasn’t even that bad and the market took it as the end of the world. What a […]

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