An Epic Battle is Brewing

An Epic Battle is Brewing As the formation for the New Genesis Economy continues to develop, an epic battle for the ages is brewing. In one corner you have the Government and the Federal Reserve’s immense monetary and fiscal stimulus, and in the other corner you have a fire breathing dragon of economic catastrophe and […]

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The Genesis

The Genesis The word Genesis derives from Ancient Greek and is defined as the “origin, source, beginning, nativity, generation, production, creation”. The bible refers to it as: “The point at which something comes into being, the creation”. What better word describes what the world is going through right now than that? It is essentially the rebirth of […]

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The Fed – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Fed – The Gift that Keeps on Giving The Federal Reserve provided the market, investors and the American people with yet another massive gift – a new $2.3 trillion stimulus package centered around new lending programs for small and midsize U.S. businesses. This is a big deal because for the first time that I […]

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Bring on The Test

Bring on The Test For the first time in what feels like a very long time, there is a sense of calm amongst us in both the financial markets and society. The financial markets have calmed noticeably.  After a very erratic and scary few weeks, they are now operating very efficiently, even on what is […]

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The Great Reset

The Great Reset The Great Reset…that’s the best way to describe this. I have yet to hear anyone try to give this crisis a name, so I will take it upon myself. Never before in human history has the world’s leading nation attempted to completely dismantle its economy and rebuild it from ashes. Who would […]

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My Diary:  Day 331 of the Quarantine

My Diary:  Day 331 of the Quarantine It’s day 331 of the Corona-virus Quarantine. I just traded my last shot of whisky for four sheets of toilet paper. One of the last rolls on the west coast I am told. Fed Chairman Powell lowered interest rates for the 73rd time this morning in an effort to […]

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What Happens When You Sell?

Corrections are only normal, necessary and healthy until you’re in them. They hurt, no matter how experienced you are and it’s hard to fight that urge to sell. Emotional or panic selling only does two things: It locks in your losses It puts you at risk for missing the market’s best days Looking at data […]

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Is this the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Stock Market Commentary Is this the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime? The volatility is nerve-wrecking but very normal! Time to refinance the house again! Don’t fight the Fed! – Buy the dips!! Market’s always overreact, in both directions. It is not uncommon for stocks to look far worse than what’s occurring in real life. It […]

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Is This a Crash or Normal Correction?

Is This a Crash or Normal Correction? – What’s causing this selloff? – Are we bottoming or getting worse? – Is this a buying opportunity? Corrections are painful no matter how you slice it. That is their job…to inflict maximum pain and try to force weak or inexperienced investors into panic selling. The Dow and […]

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Special Stock Market Update

Special Stock Market Update The stock market is following the script I have laid out in my last several newsletters. It’s still a love story, but we are just at that heartbreak scene that makes you feel queasy with a small tear to the eyes. I have been expecting some kind of pullback for a […]

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