Target Date Funds – A Dangerous Retirement Blunder

A dangerous new trend is emerging for retirement investors: The use of Target-date mutual funds. Assets in this sector have soared in recent years. Topping well over $1 trillion dollars and rising. CNBC calls this trend “One of the biggest — and often costliest — retirement mistakes investors are making today” Fidelity and Vanguard both […]

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What’s With this Trade War?

In the last several weeks, President Trump has placed tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods. The situation is changing rapidly; however, it’s important to understand what relevance this trade war has on your portfolio, especially if you are a retirement investor.   In short, high trading tariffs have led to stock market drops […]

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A Brief History of 4th of July Fireworks

We all just enjoyed another birthday for our great nation, most likely with some form of fireworks to compliment the celebration. As I was looking up at the exploding, multicolored exhibition, I thought to myself: “This is a pretty strange tradition. Where the heck did this start” The man behind the idea for fireworks to […]

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Who Killed the Fiduciary Investor Protection Rule?

Read my special report entitled: “Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary”    The investor protection rule, known as the “DOL Fiduciary Rule”, which requires by law that financial professionals always put their clients’ interests ahead of their own has died. Banks and brokerage houses won, while independent financial advisors and individual retirement investors lost. In April 2016, […]

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Baby Boomers vs. Millennials – Who had it worse?

Every generation likes to think that they had it worse and the “good old days” were when they were kids. Most of us baby boomers, who are now retirement investors, consider millennials entitled and think they should shut up, grow up and start making some money without complaining. On the other hand, millennials say their […]

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Is this the Best of Times for Investors …or the End of Times?

Word on the street especially among retirement investors is that it doesn’t get any better than this. With unemployment at a meager 3.8%, GDP growth approaching 4% and corporate earnings through the roof, that is hard to argue against. However, it’s my job to check under the bed for monsters, because we have been here […]

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Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

If you have a “fee Based” account at Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade, Edward Jones or any other brokerage firm, large or small, your advisor is probably NOT a fiduciary!

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What’s Up with the Stock Market?

What the heck man, where are the gains? So we’ve had our big 13% correction this year. Earnings have been great, growing by almost 25% over the same period last year and the economy is pumping…..why is the stock market barely noticing? Retirement investors are clamoring for the answer. Stocks generally move in the direction […]

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Is a Recession and Bear Market Looming

  As I discussed last week, a major concern for the market and the overall economy is the level of interest rates. Typically, in a normal economy, interest rates on shorter term bonds are lower than rates on longer bonds. That is called a normal yield curve. This makes sense because bond investors expect to […]

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