My son Josh and I spent the weekend hiking in the mountains, check out our pictures!

This past weekend, Josh and I got away for a quick trip to the Mammoth area to do some camping, and hiking. We always try to do this around the Perseid Meteor showers that happen each year in August.  This weekend marks our 20th year of doing this, and it was amazing! As you can […]

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Why is the Stock Market Pouting?

Why is the Stock Market Pouting? That’s all this is. The recent spike in volatility and violent stock market moves are simply the infant side of the market coming out and pouting over the lack of progress in the U.S. and China trade talks. It does this on occasion and although painful (in the short […]

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When Smart Men Do Stupid Things Pt.2

When Smart Men Do Stupid Things Pt.2 Would someone please take the microphone away from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell? I think he is lost and can’t find his way home. He’s clearly a brilliant guy. You don’t rise to that position with enormous intelligence. However, he seems to be lacking in street smarts. Come […]

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A Rising Tide Does NOT Raise All Boats

A Rising Tide Does NOT Raise All Boats  As investors wait for the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates next week, (and let me tell you nothing is more important right now; they better lower rates!), “some” stock market indexes are rising steadily and making new highs. This has become very confusing for investors. On […]

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Stocks Rise 100% of the time When This Happens

Stocks Rise 100% of the time When This Happens Something extraordinary is happening in the financial world. The Federal Reserve looks to be attempting to make a preemptive strike against a possible future recession by lowering interest rates BEFORE the economy is in recession. Will miracles never cease? Although this seems like common sense, we […]

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS We all just enjoyed another birthday for our great nation, most likely with some form of fireworks to compliment the celebration. As I was looking up at the exploding, multicolored exhibition, I thought to myself: “This is a pretty strange tradition. Where the heck did this start” […]

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Market Brief – It’s Nap Time

Market Brief – It’s Nap Time Up until now, the market has gotten what it wished for, and rejoiced; that being the promise of lower interest rates. Next on the firing line will be earnings, which will start to get released in early July. The future of the market is quite simple. If earnings beat […]

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Don’t Fight the Fed

Don’t Fight the Fed It really is that simple. When the Federal Reserve policy is easing, meaning that they are in the process of lowering interest rates, stocks tend to rise. The reasoning is that in a lower interest rate environment, U.S. corporations can borrow money more cheaply, which translates into higher profits as they […]

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The Only Thing The Market Really Cares About

There is always tremendous debate on what makes stocks move, in addition to countless economic indicators, it is enough to make your head spin. Or, is the average individual investor correct by blaming the frequent negative headlines. Which one is it? My crystal ball must be working because the one thing that really matters is […]

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Key Financial Data 2019

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