Top Down Tactical™

Top Down Tactical™

-Keith Springer’s Investment Management Style

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Keith Springer has developed a process for building tax-efficient and retirement portfolios for high net worth individuals. Our “Invest for need, not for greed™” approach combined with our hands-on Top-Down Tactical™ (TDT) investment approach can help you manage risk and deliver returns.

Top-Down Tactical (TDT™), combines the practical applications of top-down analysis with the actively managed approach of tactical asset allocation. TDT analysis begins by scrutinizing the global economic picture, deciding if it is safe to invest, and if so, in what sectors to invest. The opposing style is bottom-up investing, which starts with specific businesses regardless of the industry or the economic environment.

Tactical asset allocation takes a hands-on actively managed approach to investing, constantly adjusting the portfolio to manage risk. One or all 6 asset classes of stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, international and cash are used, depending on market conditions. This process will even go to cash when necessary to preserve principal. The contrasting approach is the old fashioned “buy and hold” or “buy and hope” strategy which invests regardless of current market conditions or which sector is in or out of favor.

Once you retire, you cannot replace your savings, so getting the very best returns, but with the least risk possible is critical. TDT is a powerful investment management style built for today’s dangerous and volatile markets to help provide you peace of mind.


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